Almost every article I write starts with a question I have about my own life: How can I be a better sibling as an adult? What should I do if I say the wrong thing? How do I stop impulsively buying things I don’t need online? Things like that.

But, it’s not enough to be inspired by an idea. I want to push the conversation forward in every reported article I write. I do this by reading every article I can find on the topic to see if there’s an element that remains unclear or unaddressed. I’ll consult with professionals who are also obsessed with the thing I’m trying to unravel. I’ll approach a diverse pool of researchers, professors, executives, authors, podcasters, and even other journalists to give the best advice I can find. Then I share what I’ve learned with an open heart.

I’m available to talk about any of the articles I’ve written on your podcast, radio program or TV show. I’m also available for any speaking engagements. Here are some topics I can speak on:

  • How to maintain (and revive) friendships
  • How to plan a virtual happy hour or birthday party
  • Three things you can do today to make your life instantly better

I’m currently working on a book about optimizing your friendships. I’m represented by Sonali Chanchani at Folio Literary.

I’m also adapting “Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through” for television. I’m represented by Michelle Weiner at CAA.