I'm so happy, you guys!
I’m so happy, you guys!

“[Goldfarb’s] winning ability to share her tales of bad judgment without a filter makes it easy to root for her.”—Publishers Weekly

“The book is both fun and ultimately relatable.”—Jason Oberholtzer, Forbes

“The voice of a generation… Chatty, funny and timely, her memoir is sure to amuse and touch an audience beyond her regular blog readers.”—Shelf Awareness

“This book is hilarious. Anna Goldfarb is a female Michael Ian Black.”—Three Library Cards

As a barely employed, Ivy League-educated, 6’1” Jewish woman in her thirties who lives at home with her parents, Anna Goldfarb has trouble meeting guys. She’s a late bloomer — which, let’s be real, is a nice way of saying loser — with a penchant for hooking up with shorter dudes. Unfortunately, navigating the minefield of dating does not come easy to her. With her unique voice and witty humor, Philadelphia-based blogger Anna Goldfarb shares the hysterical and mortifying situations she has found herself in as she moves back home and tries to grow up all while trying to meet a cute, shorter dude.

Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through (Berkley Books, The Penguin Group) is now available in stores or online through Amazon or Penguin. Already read it? You can add and review it on Goodreads.