I'm so happy, you guys!
I’m so happy, you guys!

“[Goldfarb’s] winning ability to share her tales of bad judgment without a filter makes it easy to root for her.”—Publishers Weekly

“The book is both fun and ultimately relatable.”—Jason Oberholtzer, Forbes

“The voice of a generation… Chatty, funny and timely, her memoir is sure to amuse and touch an audience beyond her regular blog readers.”—Shelf Awareness

“This book is hilarious. Anna Goldfarb is a female Michael Ian Black.”—Three Library Cards

As a barely employed, Ivy League-educated, 6’1” Jewish woman in her thirties who lives at home with her parents, Anna Goldfarb has trouble meeting guys. She’s a “late bloomer” — which, let’s be real, is a nice way of saying loser — with a penchant for hooking up with shorter dudes (anyone north of 5’7”, Anna is not interested). Unfortunately, she’s impressed by “the worst things ever,” so navigating the minefield of dating does not come easy to her. With her unique voice and witty humor, Philadelphia-based blogger Anna Goldfarb shares the hysterical and mortifying situations she has found herself in as she moves back home, puts up with her overbearing Jewish mother who has the local police on speed dial, and tries to grow up all while trying to meet a cute, shorter dude who doesn’t kill her boner.

Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through (Berkley Books, The Penguin Group) is now available in stores or online through Amazon or Penguin. Already read it? You can add and review it on Goodreads.